How To Buy A Good Feng Shui House

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As the real estate market improves, I find myself property-scouting with clients more and more often for properties to buy and live in. But how to buy a good Feng Shui house “as is” is rather complicated, mostly because Feng Shui was only introduced to the U.S. on a large scale very recently; hence, most houses were not designed with keeping Feng Shui principles in mind.

Three of the most common questions asked are:

1) Inspect a Property Before it’s Purchased (to ensure it is a worthwhile building). Some properties need more corrections than others, with an obvious increase in budget to do the corrections. During a pre-purchase inspection I inform my clients on what is needed to be done and they can then get a quote for its implementation BEFORE acquiring the property. This is the most effective way to financially plan your purchase and your Feng Shui improvements all at once. This is done during escrow, or, preferably, before making an offer, which can save you the escrow’s associated costs on the wrong property.

2) Move-In Consultation. This is done after the property has been purchased and happens sometime between the closing of escrow and the moment you get the moving truck at your door. During this time I visit the premises and make recommendations in terms of colors, materials, and furniture layout so when the truck actually delivers your items the walls are already painted in the right colors and you know where to place your main furniture. This is by far the most popular consultation.

3) Renovation Consulting. This is often also done after the property has been purchased and is most needed when the property in question is very old or is in unsuitable condition, or the new owner simply wants to do some structural upgrades to it before moving in. This consultation is more complex than #2 and it could be more extensive and require a larger budget. It will probably involve an architect, or a designer or contractor of some kind as well. This is also the most affective and least expensive way to change the energy of a property by incorporating the Feng Shui corrections during the redesign stage.

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